The journey begins January 2018.

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Are you done with making excuses and ready to UPLEVEL your life in a big, bold way?

It’s time to BREAK FREE from what’s holding you back and UNLEASH YOUR INNER BADASS, so you can step up your game, create more freedom in your life, and go do meaningful work in the world.

2018 can be the most amazing year of your life... if you let it.

For most of my life, I struggled with holding back, hesitating, and playing it safe. It took me decades of relentless inner work to untangle those limitations and develop the clarity, confidence, and courage I have today. This program is the roadmap I wish I had had back then.

Who is it for?

This mastermind is for you passionate, motivated, and BADASS humans who have big dreams, but also big hearts. It’s for you game changers who want to make the world a better place - and KNOW that you have a ton of potential - but are HOLDING BACK.

If you struggle with:

  • self-doubt and fear of failure
  • fear of rejection or making the wrong decision
  • not knowing what you want
  • perfectionism and procrastination
  • worrying too much what other people think
  • stress, overwhelm, and people pleasing
  • feeling like you don’t fit in, but also not wanting to play by the rules
  • being overly sensitive and taking things too personally

And you want to:

  • feel not just comfortable, but AMAZING, in your own skin
  • find your passions and connect with your deepest desires
  • unlock your unique gifts and start living up to your potential
  • know exactly what you want and be moving rapidly toward that
  • be around people that inspire and support you
  • be successful and productive, but without the stress and struggle

Let me help you break through what’s holding you back so you can start to LEVEL UP. You deserve to feel ALIVE, AWAKE, and FREE.

UNLEASHED is designed to awaken you from your slumber, unleash your inner badass into the world, and empower you to take action to go live your dreams!

What is it?

This mastermind is more of an experience (and an adventure!) than a course. It’s a mostly online year-long program designed to help you unlock your potential, and basically recreate your life from the inside out. It’s part mentorship, part group coaching, and part mastermind.

Every month I deliver badass content based on the personal development, human potential, and leadership concepts I’ve found most helpful in 2 decades of study.   At the end of each call, there will be time for Q+A so you can get targeted laser coaching to help you implement what we’re learning and apply it to your personal situations.   A community of like minded people who can support and encourage you, give honest feedback, hold you accountable and help you brainstorm. This is why it’s called a mastermind.

My approach combines proven coaching methodologies with ancient wisdom, modern science, improv acting techniques, positive psychology, a bit of new age spiritual woo woo, lots of practical strategy, decades of personal experience, tips, tools, life hacks, a deep trust in my own intuition and more.

During this program, you will:

  • Learn to be in charge of your own life, not a victim to your circumstances
  • Start to feel more calm and grounded, yet also confident and enthusiastic
  • Discover who you are as your most powerful, authentic self
  • Get crystal clear about what you want to be, do, and have, and how to go get it
  • Become a total ninja at managing fear and failure
  • Start expressing yourself clearly and authentically
  • Make incremental upgrades (and big leaps if you want) in EVERY area of your life
  • Connect with and learn to harness an inner fierceness that will start to radiate out of you
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- Anza Goodbar, participant in the 6-week UNLEASHED group program

Meeting Sandra Possing changed my life.  I actually met her outside of any coaching situation and was immediately drawn to her vivacious personality. She has a sparkle that shines very bright.  She was gracious enough to spend some time with me chatting about her journey to be where she is today and inspired me greatly.  A few days later she announced UNLEASHED, the 6-week program, and I called my husband immediately and told him I HAD TO DO IT!  Best money I have ever spent.  The vulnerability, and action that Sandra can pull out of someone is magical.  I have never been in a group like UNLEASHED.  It was brilliant and life changing.  I am not a catch phrase kind of girl, but SANDRA UNLEASHED the inner me that has been hiding for a while.  I am grateful for that.  Life can only get better from here. I am stoked to participate in her year long mastermind and can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring.  I am sure it will be my best year yet! The hardest and most real, but the best.

~ Jessica W.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover during our 12 months together:

  • Mindset mastery (jedi mind training where we basically rewire your brain)
  • Managing your emotions like a pro
  • Designing and embracing new habits and routines to support your best self
  • Why and how you’re holding back and how to let that shit go
  • How to stop procrastinating and overanalyzing and just do it already
  • Radical self care, radical self love, radical self trust
  • Taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life
  • How to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY you. Every damn day.
  • Doing the work you can’t not do and what that means for your career or business
  • Uncovering your life purpose and the impact you want have
  • Transforming your relationships with time and money
  • Simplifying, decluttering, optimizing, and streamlining your life
  • Badass communication and connection in your relationships
  • Bringing more fun, joy, magic, ADVENTURE, and play into your life.
  • Authentic leadership and being the change you want to see in the world

WARNING: Side effects from this program may include an unexpectedly fierce sense of freedom and badassery, walking into rooms with killer confidence and being noticed for your charisma and radiant presence, and finding the courage to do things that used to scare the absolute shit out of you 🙂

Here’s what’s included in the program:

  • 2 content-rich, fun, and interactive group coaching calls (on Zoom) every month. Both calls are on Tuesdays at 12pm Pacific.
  • Call recordings (video and audio) in case you miss them, and so you can re-listen.
  • Homework and clear action steps to take after every call, so you can implement what you learned and go create real, tangible results in your life right away.
  • An AWESOME community experience in the form of a private FB group where you can get laser coaching and guidance from me, support and encouragement from your classmates, and learn from everyone else’s experience.
  • Accountability from me and your fellow participants in the group to keep you moving toward your goals
  • Two in-person weekend retreats! One in April in the San Francisco bay area, and one in October in San Diego, Ca. (Travel, accommodations, meals not included.)
  • Facebook lives in the group for Q+A, check ins, and other support as needed.
  • Expert guest speakers and bonus trainings to deepen your learning
  • Tons of book recommendations and other resources for those who want to go deeper.

The VIP track includes everything outlined above, PLUS:

  • 12 private coaching sessions with me (one 60-min or two 30-min sessions each month)
  • Unlimited email, text, and Voxer access to me throughout the entire program


Group Track VIP Track
$5,000 (full pay)
Or 12 monthly payments of $497
$10,000 (full pay)
Or 12 monthly payments of $997

Early Bird Bonus!

Join before December 15th, 2017 and you’ll get a bonus 60-minute clarity session with me to use before we start.

Referral Bonuses!

For every person you refer who joins the group track, I will send you a $250 Amazon gift card.

For every person you refer who joins the VIP track, I will send you a $500 Amazon gift card.

*Admission into this intense transformational mastermind program is by application only. If you already know you want in, you can start your application by clicking on any of the 'Apply Here' buttons.


Here’s what happens after that...

  • You will receive a confirmation email with an application to fill out
  • Once you submit, we will respond within 24 hours and if your application is approved, you will receive a link to book a free Badass Breakthrough Call with me to make sure this program is a good fit and to answer any questions you may have.

I’m writing my response to your question about what I’ve learned in the past year. And holy shit woman, I’ve grown more in 10 months than I’ve done in the prior 10 years. This feels really awesome and I’m so thankful for it all. It’s been the most enjoyable hard work I’ve ever done, in fact it really doesn’t feel like “work”. Sandra, thank you so much for all you’ve helped me with, supported and guided me through, I’m just so honored and blessed. Damn, this is bad ass. ❤️❤️❤️”

- A.J.


What is the time commitment? +

If you show up live to the group calls, do the homework, and participate in the Facebook group, you can expect to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours per week. I recommend making this a priority, putting all of the live calls (and retreats) on your calendar in advance, and blocking off time each week to do the homework and engage in the the group. 

What if I can’t make it to the live calls? +

Do your best to be there live! Calls are on Tuesdays at 12pm PT. But if have to miss some of them, no worries. You’ll have access to all the recordings (which I recommend listening to multiple times anyway!) Download them so you can listen on the go.

Do you offer payment plans? +

I recommend paying in full because it’s a powerful thing to make the commitment and invest in yourself this way. If that’s not a realistic possibility for you at this time, you can make 12 monthly payments of $497 for the group track or 12 monthly payments of $997 for the VIP track.

I want in, but I’m not sure I can commit by January 1st. When is the deadline? +

Do your best to get your ass in before it starts, so you don’t miss anything! But if that’s not possible, enrollment will remain open for a few weeks after we start (and you’ll be able to catch up on the calls when you join.)

I’ve already done a lot of personal development work. Why is this program different? +

This program is different because you have ME as your guide! And I will rock your world 😉 It’s designed to be appropriate for people who are new to personal development AND for those of you who are not. Whatever level you’re at, I’ll meet you there and give you challenges to stretch you. A common occurrence is that people have done tons of inner work, and read all the books, but are not actually implementing what they’ve learned. I can help you change that.

Regardless of past experience, it will be most transformational for those who participate actively, do the work, and take action. There will be extra credit for you ambitious types too.


Deep down, I knew I was a badass. A rebel. A leader. An athlete. An entrepreneur. But when Sandra found me, I felt disconnected from those parts of myself. I was in a rut. Exhausted by new parenthood, out of touch with my body, wanting more from my work, and generally feeling stuck, Sandra crossed my path at just the right time and got me out of my rut. With Sandra's coaching, I made important changes in my career, reconnected with myself and what mattered most to me, and started living life as the passionate rebel I always knew I was.

~ Abby Sommerfeld, Abby Sommerfeld Coaching

"I've become more conscious of the present moment and have learned to feel my emotions and fears and then strategically work through them. I've started to recognize old habits that don't serve me as as result of my work with Sandra. The self-awareness and skills she has helped me develop are definitely improving my personal and professional life. I feel happier and healthier than ever. Sandra has given me a whole toolbox full of tools to use for the rest of my life to help me combat self-doubt and anxiety. What a gift! For each challenging situation I encounter, I now have a specific tool I can use to calmly work my way through it."

- Breanne Wilson

"At a very disorienting time in my life, Sandra was a catalyst for proactive change. Sandra speaks the truth but does so with compassion, grace, and humor. She radiates authenticity and passion and her goal is for you to do the same."

- Angela B.