Amy Ramsey

Why You Should Never Settle in Work and Life

Amy envisions a world where people no longer settle for less – in their businesses, bank accounts, and lives. A lifestyle coach and mindset mentor, Amy wakes people up to what’s possible through giving them tools and strategies to change their perspective, mindset, and habits so they can live a passionate and joyful life.

Her clients desire location, time, and financial freedom from doing something they love that is changing the world, one client and one breakthrough at a time. She takes a unique approach to entrepreneurship – focusing on the client rather than the business – to help those who feel lost and fed up turn a dream into a mission.

Amy built her 6-figure company from her laptop while hanging out in her yoga pants, traveling, and cuddling with her dog. She wouldn’t have it any other way!

She works with schools, universities, and organizations to enhance and create inclusive, inspiring communities where everyone feels valued, important and empowered to make positive changes in their communities and in their lives.

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